The School Fees Charitable Trust

"I would like to thank everyone at School Fees Charitable Trust and the donors for their generosity: you have had such a profound impact on my life. Thank you."

Former pupil from Stonyhurst College


We know just how important a child’s school years are. It’s about far more than gaining a first-class education. A school provides a child’s support network, moral guidance and creates a platform for adult life.

To lose all that a school provides can be totally devastating, particularly in the final years before crucial exams. That is why SFS Group founded The School Fees Charitable Trust in 1991.

The aim of the Trust is to help parents who are unable to pay their school fees because of genuine hardship, arising from a sudden and unforeseen change of circumstance over the past 12 months.

The School Fees Charitable Trust is funded by the School Fees Insurance product, which insures a child's school fees against the death or serious illness of a fee-paying parent.

Grants are awarded by a board of trustees and are made to cover the final year of GCSEs, A Levels or equivalent exams, such as the International Baccalaureate. In exceptional circumstances, the Trustees may consider making a grant for a longer period.

The maximum award granted is 25% of the net fee after deduction of any other awards from the school or other charitable trusts.

The Trust has helped hundreds of families over the years at a host of independent schools up and down the country, making a real difference. We’d like to help more children, so if you would like to help promote the Trust, please contact

Qualifying criteria for grants:

Case study: Simon’s story

Simon Caunt, who was at Wellingborough School in Northamptonshire, is just one of the many pupils who benefited from a grant. His parents’ business suddenly fell in to difficulties in 2006 and they were left unable to cover Simon’s fees when he was in Year 13.

Simon says “On balance, I would have got decent marks if I’d had to do my exams elsewhere, but it would have been a massive, life changing blow to leave my friends, teachers and sports teams behind. My world would have shrunk, and I could have lost my whole support network.”

Now a senior manager at an insurance company, Simon feels so strongly about the difference the Charitable Trust made that he’s just donated £3,000 to it. “I’m convinced I wouldn’t be enjoying the life I am today without the Trust’s intervention. I want someone else to be given the same amazing lifeline that I received.”

Schools where we are currently helping, or have recently helped, parents include: Arts Educational Schools London, Barnard Castle School, Bredon School, Brighton & Hove High, Cokethorpe School, Cheltenham College, Christ College, Ellesmere College, Fulneck School, Giggleswick School, Hollygirt School, Ibstock Place School, King's Bruton, Monkton School, Monmouth, Oakham School, Portland Place School, Prior's Field School, Repton School, Shebbear College, Sheffield High School, Surbiton High School, St Catherine's Twickenham, St Edward's Prep School, St Helen & St Katharine's School, St Joseph's College, St Lawrence College, Stowe School, Streatham & Clapham High School, The Hammond, The Royal Hospital School, Trent College, Tring Park School for the Performing Arts, Wycliffe College and Wychwood School


Please write to The Trust Secretary, The School Fees Charitable Trust, c/o SFS Group Limited, Unit 21, Dean House Farm, Church Road, Newdigate, Surrey RH5 5DL or email explaining your circumstances.



To speak to an advisor email us on or call us now on 01306 746 300