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Katherine Norkett’s story

12th August 2019

Katherine Norkett and her husband chose to educate their two daughters privately at Churcher’s College in Petershead, Hampshire. Katherine had experienced an independent education and she wanted her girls to have the same advantages she enjoyed.

She was first prompted to investigate protecting her daughter’s school fees when her husband’s cousin died suddenly at the age of 48. Mr Norkett was the main breadwinner and this death caused Katherine to consider what would happen to her daughters’ education if anything were to happen to him. Protecting their education and their future was a major concern for her as she felt it would give them the best possible start in life.  Following an online search, they discovered School Fees Insurance and took out a policy in 2010.

“I really appreciated how efficiently my claim was dealt with. At such a difficult time, it makes a huge difference to deal with people who understand what you’re going through and can answer any questions that you have. The money has ensured my girls can finish their education and attain the qualifications to set them up for their adult life.”

Sadly, Mr Norkett died of pancreatic cancer at the beginning of 2017. While he had been ill for some time, his death still came as a shock to the family. He had found it difficult to accept that his condition may be terminal and found it difficult to address financial issues once he was ill. Fortunately, their School Fees Insurance policy sat outside his estate, so the claim could be paid without having to wait for probate to be settled.

While her older daughter was at university, her younger daughter was still in her final year at Churcher’s College. The knowledge that she could finish her education in familiar surroundings, supported by friends and teachers, at such a traumatic time took a real burden off the family. The money from the claim meant her older daughter could stay on at Cardiff University and complete an MA in Late Antiquity which she had always wanted to do. Without the benefit, she would have had to work for a period of time in order to save the money needed to fund her continued education.

“You never think something like this will happen to you” says Katherine. “My husband only had a couple of days off sick in the five years before he got ill. There were no warning signs. I would strongly urge anyone in my position to seriously think about putting protection in place for school fees, particularly if you’re relying on the salary of one parent to pay those fees.  The premiums weren’t a huge amount and definitely worth every penny.”

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